Where to Train Next?



An athlete needs the ocasional change of scenery to train, right?...
So we planned an operation to infiltrate the Electricity Museum (Lisbon), so that Vanessa could ride in an epic location!

Needless to say that she had to come adequately dressed and have proper makeup done!

Team Ninja
model: Vanessa Pereira (5x Portuguese long distance triathlon champion)
hair & makeup: Dulce Monteiro and Carolina Ribeiro
photo: Gonçalo Barriga
photo assistant: Renato Melo
bts video: Miguel Barriga

Many thanks to the whole team and to the Electricity Museum for making these images possible!


Vanessa Pereira - The girl behind the athlete


It was a great day, the one I met up with Vanessa for a cup of coffee to discuss “making a few pictures for her”.

Not only did the (5x) triathlon national champion give me total creative freedom, but she also agreed to let me turn this into a longer project, with several sessions in different situations, that would illustrate the girl besides the athlete. An irresistible challenge for me!

Over the next few weeks, expect to see a lot of triathlon photos both here and on my social media. So get ready!


Men and Horses

Been interested in photographing horses for a long time and recently I met some great people that are totally into this lifestyle. One thing led to another and I found myself shooting the show jumping competition at the Golegã High Performance Center for Equestrian Sports (after spending all morning at their amazing property watching horse training).

Technically, this wasn’t the first time I’ve shot this sport, but let’s say that this time I took it a little more seriously…
I’m very happy with the results, love the way that man (or woman) and horse flow together in a mass of elegant power.

An athlete’s portrait can take on unusual shapes!

Gonçalo Barriga - Sofia

For one of the most recent sessions of my ongoing project of athlete’s portraits, I invited Sofia who, among many other things, is a fanatical kitesurfer.

We were still warming up, you know: “so this is what were going to do today”, when she pulls off this twist that turns her poncho into a big black disk! A few takes later, to adjust leg position, facial expression and the shape of the disk and we had what ended up being my favorite shot of the whole session!

Sure, it has nothing to do with kitesurf, but it has everything to do with Sofia...

Anatomy of a Photomontage

"How fast do you want to go?”


Step 1: dig up an old (and boring!) photo taken at Marvão (Portugal)

Marvão, Portugal

Step 2: throw it into Photoshop and beat those pixels up until you squeeze the speed out of it!*

As Frederick Van Johnson, host of the This Week in Photo podcast often says “pixels were born to be punished!"

*(in this case, motion blur, noise, contrast, saturation) 

speed road

Step 3: photograph a cool biker


Step 4: join them together and… BAM!

speed bike photomontage (composite)