Cool Pet Photo

Smiling Dog Portrait

"Pet portraits? What do you mean?!"

As many of you, I've had pets for as long as I can remember. Actually, when I was a little kid there was a dog that waited for me outside my house and followed me around. It was my "street dog".

I've had dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters, fish...

Pet Photography can be a challenge if you're the owner of the pet...

As I became more and more interested in photography, It was only natural that I started photographing them, of course. Only one small problem… have you ever tried to photograph your own dog?… What happens as soon as you kneel to get to his level?… That's right, he comes straight at you to play!

So… I love animals + I love photography + it's hard to get a decent shot of your pet… hum… Cool Pet Photo in born!

Now I get to photograph different pets all the time! It's sort of like being the uncle that has all the fun with the kids and leaves when things start to get ugly…!

And if you think photographing kids is a challenge, try a cat…

Making the cat look at you at the right moment takes practice and patience

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Using studio lighting in Pet Photography