Do you know the expression "a file doesn't exist unless it exists in 2 places”?

C'mon people, backup your precious files to a second drive…


"But drives are expensive…"


And how much did that once-in-a-lifetime trip cost? Returning to India anytime soon?…

Not to mention your son's 10 anniversary, are you going to be able to take those photos again if you lose them?


It's a simple process:

1. return home

2. download the photos from the camera to the computer (don't wait until next week, do it now!)

3. copy the files to an external drive

4. format the card in the camera (after checking and double checking that they are safe in your drives)


This is the bare minimum.


If you want to be extra safe, you can also:

5. copy them to a second external drive and keep it at a friend's house (or use an online cloud service, like Carbonite or Backblaze)