Last one to the party

Do you know about something called Instagram?... It’s a really cool social network where you post your camera phone pics… Kidding! I know It’s the hottest photo sharing app in the world!

Strange as it seems ('cause I’m a photographer and all that...), I’ve only joined last week. Had the app on my iphone for a long time but never got around to creating an account.

I didn’t think I’de post much because I’ve always used the camera on my phone for practical stuff like remembering price tags, parking lot places, business card info, etc, and not for taking interesting pictures, "I use the big camera for that”.

Well guess what… like a lot of you, I’m finding out that it can be a lot of fun to take pictures with your phone! So convenient, always in my pocket, ready to go!

I do have rules for my Instagram feed: all the photos are mine and have had to be taken with and edited in the iphone.

So far, so good.